2-10-2019 Statement

The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong strongly condemns the massive violence that broke out on National Day. The radical behavior of the protesters in vandalising public facilities, government offices, and shops and attacking police officers is a direct challenge to one-country-two-systems. We fully support the SAR Government and the Police Force in stopping violence and maintaining social order.

We are saddened to learn of a young protester having suffered gunshot injury in one of the violent incidents committed against police officers. We wish him full and speedy recovery.

The demonstrations and violence in the past 3 months have not only undermined the rule of law, but also caused great peril to the livelihood of Hong Kong people and the economy. In these difficult times, our society must stand united in support of the SAR Government and the Police Force in maintaining the rule of law and rebuilding social order. REDA believes that the deep-seated problems of Hong Kong can only be resolved if our society is prepared to accept individual differences for the sake of peace and social harmony.