29-10-2022 Statement

REDA Members Throw Support Behind ‘Strive and Rise Programme’
Apply Action and Donation to Help
Shape a Better Future for Hong Kong Youth

(29 October 2022) The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (REDA) joined the inaugural ceremony of HKSAR Government-led ‘Strive and Rise Programme’ today. REDA and its members pledged over HK$25 million in funding the programme, while offering the talents of more than 1,000 volunteer professionals in support of mentorship assignments among Hong Kong youth. The initiative is aimed at encouraging young future leaders to set personal goals and appreciate business financial planning, as well as to create job shadowing opportunities.

An array of activities will be arranged by REDA members to allow mentees to explore more personal development opportunities:

Explore sectors and industries
  • Guided visits to local shipyards, tourist attractions, malls, company headquarters and more.
  • Virtual tours of projects in Mainland China to experience the development of different city infrastructures.
  • Office tours to understand business operations and strategies; exchanges with cross-business professionals to stimulate development of personal goals.
Conduct problem-solving case study Visit transitional housing in Yuen Long to instil an understanding of urban development.
The importance of revitalisation and cultural heritage
  • Visit Grade III historic building to instil an understanding of heritage preservation and revitalisation.
  • In-depth tour of Tai O Stilt House to develop greater respect for cultural heritage.
Unleash home-grown innovation Explore innovative technology solutions at Inno Lab and STEM workshops.
Support sustainability and conservation
  • Experience and appreciate the benefits of organic farming.
  • Engage in an open dialogue with the Chef to understand the farm-to-table journey.
  • Participate in the ‘Biodiversity Fun Day’ in collaboration with Ocean Park, beach clean-up and upcycling workshop held by NGOs.
Immerse into cultural arts
  • Enjoy access to Hong Kong’s world-class arts and cultural programme.
  • Take part in a personal dialogue with maestros from the arts and cultural industries to comprehend the direction of arts development.

Youth are the most precious assets we have for future success as a community. Together with the next generation, REDA and its members will render full support through direct actions and donations to help shape a better future.