29-11-2023 2023 District Council Election, Sunday 10 December

To All REDA Members

We hope our previous note of 15 November on 2023 District Council Election has found you well. 

There are less than two weeks from now to Sunday 10 December! The 2023 District Council Election is very important to every Hong Kong citizen because the wellness of our community life is fully dependent on good governance at the district level.  To foster a harmonious neighborhood and to create a good living and working environment where everyone can continue to thrive and strive, please use your vote to select the most suitable candidate for your District Council.

Also, please remember to encourage your family members, friends and colleagues to vote on Sunday 10 December.  Polling hours will start at 8.30am and close at 10.30pm.  Details of the Election are available at the dedicated website of the 2023 District Council Election:  https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2023/eng/index.html

Every vote counts.  And yours, in particular, will be instrumental in enhancing the governance of the District Councils.