05-12-2023 Improve District Administration, Vote on 10 December

Dear Members,

It is less than a week away from 10 December, the date for the District Council Election, and you probably have already received your poll card from the Registration and Electoral Office with details on voting station and voting time. 

In the past few weeks, REDA and our members have played a part in promoting the Election.  With this note, President Mr. Keith Kerr, Chairman Mr. Stewart Leung and Secretary General Mr. Louis Loong appeal to you again to remember casting your vote this Sunday.  On this occasion, we have also produced a promotional video which is available for your viewing on our website: www.reda.hk

As developers, we have been builders of homes for the community and we know that home is where the heart is.  Your vote can help foster a harmonious living and working environment where everyone may strive for themselves and for the economy of Hong Kong.  Remember to vote this Sunday.  Together, let’s empower our District Council to strive for good governance at the district level.