04-11-2023 Statement

REDA and its Members pledge unyielding support to the
2nd round of Strive and Rise Programme

Promote holistic youth development with diversified activities

  • REDA and its members are honoured and privileged to contribute to the Strive and Rise Programme and avow their continuous support to its new round.
  • Increased group activities including new internship and training programme.

(4 November 2023) The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (REDA) participated in today’s Strive and Rise Programme’s first anniversary graduation ceremony officiated by the Chief Secretary for Administration Mr. Chan Kwok-ki and affirmed its full and continuous support to the second round of the Programme.  In response to the Government’s initiative to expand the number as well as the age range of eligible mentees and students in the new phase of the Programme, REDA members will enhance their existing mentorship and group activities by providing additional diversified activities and offering practical learning opportunities for both new and current mentees, and all eligible young people, in a bid to help those fledgling youngsters follow their dreams.

Successful tripartite collaboration between the government, business sector and the community | Broadening horizons with enhanced activities
Since the establishment of the Programme last year, REDA and its members have pledged over HKD25 million and encouraged their staff to enlist as volunteers in upwards of a thousand mentorship pairings, thereby benefiting those participating underprivileged secondary school students.  As announced by the Chief Executive in his 2023 Policy Address, the second round of the Programme will include new elements, such as increasing the number of mentees from 2,800 to 4,000 with an extension to cover Secondary Four students from underprivileged families, thus enriching the variety of group activities, and offering diversified social activities and internship opportunities.  On the landmark day of the Programme’s first anniversary, REDA and its members congratulate the Government on its remarkable success and are honoured and privileged to play a part by joining hands with members of the business sector and the community in making a contribution. 

To complement the Government’s initiatives to enhance the Programme in the coming year, REDA members will continue to organise popular visiting activities brought forward from last year and also expand the scope to include a greater variety of business activities, such as visits to shipyards, power plants, public transport depots, hotel, tourist spots, innovation labs and company headquarters etc, in order to allow those students still in search of their future paths to enjoy a greater exposure to different experiences.  In addition to experiencing the business world, conservation and environmental sustainability will also be areas of focus for participating youngsters.  Under the new phase, green and cultural activities such as organic farming, upcycling workshops, guided tours of historic buildings and marine conservation activities will continue to be organised, offering an interactive platform to stimulate critical thinking on urban development among students and mentors.

Providing practical exchange opportunities, benefiting new and current mentees
The Government has indicated that graduates will automatically become members of the Alumni Club, while the new phase of the Programme will cover more students in need.  In order to cater for young people of different ages, on top of their existing involvement in the Programme, REDA members will provide management trainee schemes, corporate summer internships in the Mainland and overseas for university students, and a Women’s All-round Leadership Training Course as extra highlights for the new phase.  In addition to inviting elite mentors from across the country to share valuable experiences and provide master classes and training, these new initiatives will also provide beneficiaries with hands-on opportunities to participate in marketing activities and community sustainability project planning, with a view to stimulating young people’s creative thinking. In terms of arts and culture, our member has collaborated with the Hong Kong Palace Museum to offer a ‘Bi-city’ cultural exchange programme for university students, aimed at building a platform for youth exchange between Beijing and Hong Kong, and enhancing Hong Kong’s international status as an East-meets-West centre for arts and cultural exchange.

In the future, REDA will continue to enhance the content of the Strive and Rise Programme with its members, and cooperate with multi-pronged projects in different fields to broaden the horizons of young people, helping them set goals for their future and strive for the top.