15-11-2023 2023 District Council Election, Sunday 10 December

To All REDA Members

The 2023 District Council Election will be held on Sunday 10 December.  Please mark this very important date in your diary.

Improving the district governance system and reforming the District Councils are related to the good governance of the HKSAR, good community life, and a better living and working environments for all citizens.  Members of the public can contribute to the building of a better community by casting their vote for the best candidate in the District Council Elections. 

You will not wish to miss out on this occasion in exercising your right as a voter and fulfilling your duty as a citizen by casting your vote in the District Council polls on 10 December.  You may also wish to encourage your family members, friends, staff and colleagues to do so on the polling day.  Polling hours will start at 8.30am and close at 10.30pm. 

Details of the Election and information of the candidates of your constituency are available at the dedicated website of the 2023 District Council Election:  https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2023/eng/index.html

As they say, every vote counts.  And yours, in particular, will be instrumental in enhancing the governance of the District Councils.